Teaching - UAlbany Courses

  • IINF301X - The Information Environment (Undergraduate). Introduction to information science. Definitions and properties of information, production, transfer, classification, formatting, evaluation, and use. Role of information organizations including the print and electronic publishing, traditional and digital libraries, and archives.
  • IIST433/533 - Information Storage and Retrieval (Undergraduate/Graduate). An introduction to current practices in information retrieval. Topics covered include key concepts in information storage and retrieval, document and query structure, matching mechanisms and formal retrieval models, output presentation, and the evaluation of system effectiveness. Includes an investigation of the inner workings of retrieval systems and search engines.
  • IIST535 - Web Database Programming (Graduate). This course covers the application of database technology to the service of websites. Students learn practical programming skills in a hands-on project based course, and acquire the ability to develop a database backed, dynamic and feature-rich website.
  • IIST658 - Database Development (Graduate). Database principles with an emphasis on relational database management systems (DBMS) for applications development. Database design, creation, and maintenance; the user interface; programming concepts.